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Santa Cookie Serving Trays

Santa Cookie Serving Trays

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Santa Cookie Serving Trays

Enhance your holiday traditions with our exquisite Santa Cookie Serving Trays. Crafted laser engraved wood, these trays provide the perfect setting for Santa's treats. Certain options even include a designated space for the reindeer snack, adding an extra touch of magic to your Christmas Eve celebration.

Immerse in the Festive Spirit

Our Santa Cookie Serving Trays are more than just functional pieces; they embody the enchantment of the holiday season. With their meticulously engraved designs and warm wooden textures, these trays create an inviting atmosphere that is sure to captivate both young and old.

Product Specifications

  • Small Trays: Dimensions of 7.5 x 5.75 inches
  • Medium Trays: Dimensions of 14 x 11.5 inches
  • Large Trays: Dimensions of 18 x 11 inches

The Perfect Addition to Your Christmas Eve Tradition

On the magical night of Christmas Eve, these trays serve a delightful purpose. Simply place the Santa Cookie Serving Tray near the fireplace or under the twinkling lights of your Christmas tree, and fill it with a generous serving of milk, cookies, and treats for Santa Claus.

A Memorable Holiday Tradition

Establishing a tradition around our Santa Cookie Serving Trays is a beautiful way to create lasting memories. Imagine the excitement in your children's eyes as they carefully arrange cookies and pour milk, eagerly awaiting Santa's arrival. These trays not only make Christmas Eve more special but also foster a sense of wonder and joy during the holiday season.

Make this Christmas a truly unforgettable experience with our Santa Cookie Serving Trays. Order yours today and make cherished memories for years to come!


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