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Naughty and Nice Meter Ornament

Naughty and Nice Meter Ornament

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Add a first name to the ornament.
This Naughty and Nice Meter Ornament is the perfect way to keep track of how naughty or nice your children are!

You can customize it with a name, or you can leave it plain and use it as a hand-painted wooden ornament.

It's got a moveable dial on top so you can adjust the meter to reflect your child's behavior at any given moment.

So whether they're bringing home straight As or sneaking out past curfew, you can always make sure that they're not being TOO naughty for Santa's liking.

And if they are being too naughty, no worries—just move the dial down and make sure that Santa knows what he's dealing with this year!



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Recommended inside use only. Avoid high humidity and direct sunlight

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