Tutorial Tuesday: Monster Surprise

Tutorial Tuesday: Monster Surprise

Hey there, awesome little artists, and welcome to another epic Tutorial Tuesday, especially for you! Today, we're diving headfirst into a super cool art adventure that's going to rock your world. We're making folded paper monsters that might look all cute and cuddly on the outside but pack a spooky punch on the inside!

Imagine handing one of these bad boys to your pals, and watching their eyes go wide as they unfold the paper and BAM – a hidden monster reveals itself! It's an easy-peasy craft that's oodles of fun. So, grab some paper and let's get this fantastic kid-friendly art party started!



Step 1: Get Your Stuff Together Before we get into the nitty-gritty, make sure you've got these things ready to roll:

  • Sheets of plain paper (white or colored, your call)
  • Crayons, colored pencils, markers, or whatever you like to color with
  • A big imagination ready to go wild!

Step 2: Fold, Fold, Fold Take a piece of paper and fold it smack-dab in the middle. You'll have a nice crease down the middle, making it perfect for our folded paper monster.

Step 3: Fold the Top Bit Now, fold just the top half of the paper in half AGAIN. This extra fold adds a dash of suspense to your masterpiece.

Step 4: Time to Get Creative With your paper folded up like a secret agent's dossier, let your imagination run wild. Draw a friendly, goofy, or even a little bit wacky monster on the top half of the paper (the folded part). Remember, the real party is on the inside!

Step 5: Prepare the Spooky Surprise Here's where the magic happens. Hold the folded top bit with your monster masterpiece and gently pull down on the bottom. Voilà! As the paper unfolds, reveal your secret spooky surprise inside – a monster mouth, crazy eyes, or whatever spooky surprise you dream up. That's what gives your folded paper monster its "spooky" twist.


Step 6: Close It Up and Wow Your Friends! Once your spooky surprise is all set, carefully fold the paper back like a ninja tucking into their hideout. Now, you've got a cute monster disguise hiding a mind-blowing secret. Hand it to a friend, watch their jaw drop, and enjoy the look of amazement as they uncover the hidden monster inside!


Way to go, budding artists! You've just rocked this totally awesome art project, making folded paper monsters that'll blow your friends' minds. Whether your monsters are silly, sweet, or just a little bit spooky, this kid-friendly art project lets your imagination soar.

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